Saudis boycott Danish dairy produce

Saudis boycott Danish dairy produce
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Friday, January 27, 2006

On January 26, 2006, a massive boycott of dairy produce from Arla Foods started in Saudi Arabia over what is perceived as a Danish attack on Muslim values. The Saudi ambassador to Denmark has been recalled for consultations.

The Danish/Swedish dairy company Arla is facing a massive loss after a spreading boycott of its produce in Saudi Arabia. Four Saudi retail chains have already removed Arla products from the shelves. One retail chain has placed yellow warning tape (common fare for accidents and crime scenes) over Arla products. There have been cases reported of Arla delivery trucks being attacked by stones thrown from bystanders. Marianne Castenskiold, a senior consultant for Dansk Industri, expressed a fear that the boycott will spread to other countries in the region and have detrimental effects on other Danish products. Denmark is one of the leading exporters of agriculture in northern Europe, whose economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade and investment.

The boycott has been announced at Friday prayer services in Saudi mosques since January 20, 2006, obviously helping to foment popular support of the nation’s response to Denmark’s alleged ignorance of Muslim values. On at least one occasion, a delivery truck has been greeted by thrown stones.

The boycott is a response to the publication of an article in a major Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. In its September 30, 2005 issue, the paper printed 12 drawings of the Muslim prophet Muhammed, as a response to previous news reports that the publisher of a forthcoming childrens’ book about the prophet had had difficulty in finding an illustrator, due to fear of extremist reactions; drawings of the prophet are prohibited by Islamic Law (see aniconism). In an attempt to start a debate over freedom of speech in Denmark, the newspaper printed 12 drawings of the prophet. Four of these were of a satirical nature, with one showing the prophet with a turban hiding a lit bomb.

The immediate reactions to the publication of the drawings included ambassadors from 12 Muslim countries demanding that the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, denounce the newspaper. Rasmussen rejected this demand, stating that “Danish freedom of speech does not allow the government to control what newspapers print”. He further noted that the only possible legal action against the newspaper would be one under the charge of blasphemy.

A debate ensued over the following months about freedom of speech and its value in relation to avoiding religious taboos. In mid-December 2005, a delegation from several Danish Muslim organizations went on a tour in several Middle-Eastern and Arabic countries, reportedly to gain sympathy for their point of view. Several reports state that during the tour the difficulties faced by Muslims in Denmark were grossly overstated.

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Mayor of Camden, London, arrested in benefit fraud inquiry

Mayor of Camden, London, arrested in benefit fraud inquiry
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The mayor of the London Borough of Camden, England, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of benefit fraud. Omar Faruque Ansari was taken from Camden Town Hall by police to Holborn police station over allegations that he was wrongfully claiming disability benefits. After four hours of questioning, he was released on bail to return in March.

Today, Ansar said that he was sure that he would be cleared of any wrongdoing. “It is a very political thing. When you are mayor of Camden, you are a very trusting figure. Someone is trying to smear me”, he added. He is reported to receive £474 (about US$765) per month in disability benefits, after complications following a neck operation in 1995 – this was needed for injuries he received fighting for Bangladesh against Pakistan in the 1970s, he explained. “I’ve never even had a parking ticket in my life, so this is very distressing”, he commented.

The allegations appear to be unrelated to the mayor’s council work, a spokesman for Camden said. He refused to comment further on “allegations relating to the personal lives of [the council’s] members”.

Ansari, 55, moved to the UK in 1960 and has been mayor of Camden since May 2009, after joining the Liberal Democrats in 2006. He has been suspended as mayor and from the Liberal Democrat group while the investigation is ongoing.

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Sequel of aftershocks hit O’Higgins, Bíobío and Maule regions in Chile

Sequel of aftershocks hit O’Higgins, Bíobío and Maule regions in Chile
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Santa Cruz, Chile — An aftershock earthquake that reached a magnitude of 4.9 on the Richter magnitude scale struck Chile yesterday at 11:14 local time (15:14 UTC). The epicentre was in the Maule Region. The aftershock lasted about fifteen or twenty seconds.

According to the ONEMI (National Emergencies Office), it had an intensity of five Mercalli grades in the coastal area of Pelluhue, four in Cauquenes, Chanco, San Javier, and Longaví, and three in Pencahue. The US Geological Survey reported that the epicentre was located in the sea, at a depth of 25,5 kilometers, and 115 kilometers west of Talca.

There were no reports of damage or injuries. Previously, at 08:30 am local time (12:30 UTC), another aftershock reached 5.0 on the Richter scale and was clearly felt in the Bío Bío Region. The epicenter was located at a depth of 35 kilometers, and 55 kilometers northeast from Concepción.

A minor aftershock, with epicentre in Pichilemu, reached a magnitude of 3.6 in the Richter scale at 15:11 local time (19:11 UTC), as reported the University of Chile’s Geological Survey.

Damages in Chile surpass the 30.000 million U.S. dollars. The most affected regions by the aftershocks are the Bío Bío Region, Valparaíso, Maule and O’Higgins. Almost 350 aftershocks have been felt in these areas since the February 27 earthquake.

At 23:58 local time (03:58 UTC), a medium intensity aftershock between 2 and 6 grades in the Richter scale occurred, in the Maule, O’Higgins, Valparaíso, and Santiago Metropolitan regions. The epicenter was located near Talca, as ONEMI reported, where the aftershock was felt with more intensity. In Curicó, Río Claro and Yerbas Buenas, it reached 5 grades in the Richter scale; in Parral, Linares, Retiro, and Cauquenes, it reached 3 grades; in Rancagua and San Fernando, 4 grades; in Pichilemu, 2 grades; and in Santiago de Chile and San Antonio, 2 grades. ONEMI has not reported damage or injuries.

Another 4 medium intensity aftershocks took place after Talca’s: at 01:17 AM local time (05:17 UTC), reaching 3.9 grades, with epicentre near Constitución; 4.7 grades at 09:59 local time (13:59 UTC), with epicentre near Pichilemu; at the 10:57 local time (14:57 UTC) reaching 5.1 grades, with epicentre almost twenty kilometers at the north of Cobquecura; and a 3.9 grades at the 12:20, with epicentre near Pichilemu.

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Tips To Help You Create A Business Card That Will Get Noticed

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byAlma Abell

With modern technology at an all-time high and more and more small businesses turning to social media networking, it is becoming extremely easy for these businesses to overlook how important having a quality business card truly is. Even without the avatars and hashtags, business cards are still one of the most important types of branding and marketing materials available.

When you have a well-designed business card, it can play a very important role in the acquisition of new clients, as well as the actual sales process. In many cases, one of the very first interactions that a potential customer will have with your brand is the business card that you have created and the design you have chosen, which can say quite a bit about your actual company.

Take a look at your current business card, what message are you really conveying?

When it comes to you creating a business card that is effective, one that will encourage a positive response and provide customers with a lasting impression, there are a number of things that you should understand; as well as a certain number of elements that need to be completely avoided.

The Do’s of Designing Your Business Card

When you first contact your Orange County Printing Company there are certain things you should be sure that you implement into your business card design:

  • Maintain consistent branding. You should be sure that the card you created shares the same design and colors as your website, as well as the other marketing materials you plan to use.
  • Create a unique card that makes a statement.
  • Be sure to carefully consider the fonts that you use. It is highly recommended that you select simple and straightforward fonts that are extremely easy to read. Be sure that your message is completely clear.
  • Be sure the ton of your card matches your industry.
  • Be sure you achieve balance and contrast.

The Don’ts of Designing Your Business Card

Just as there are a number of things you should do, there are also things you should avoid at all costs, including:

  • The use of cheap paper.
  • Including too much text.
  • Using clipart for your business’s logo.
  • Letting the information on your business card become outdated.
  • Using too many different fonts.
  • Forgetting to include your various social media links.

It is important to consider the design of your business card carefully. After all, in many cases this will be the first impression someone receives of your business; be sure it’s a good one.

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Canadian gold-medalist arrested, charged with kidnapping

Canadian gold-medalist arrested, charged with kidnapping
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Canadian gold-medalist Myriam Bédard is facing a January 5 extradition hearing from the United States, after she was arrested and charged with abducting her 12-year old daughter Maude. The Biathalon athlete is arguing she should be allowed to return to Canada on her own.

Bédard had taken her daughter to Washington D.C. with her new husband, Nima Mazhari, on October 2, violating the terms of her divorce settlement from Biathalon coach Jean Paquet. Mazhari, who is a sculptor, was charged with the unrelated theft of $100,000 worth of paintings last year.

Paquet filed a report with the Sûreté du Québec on December 8, stating that Bédard had violated the divorce terms, and an international arrest warrant was issued.

On December 20, the case was brought to the attention of Interpol, and two days later the United States Marshals Service announced her arrest in Columbia, Maryland, at a hotel celebrating Maude’s 12th birthday. Maude was taken into the custody of the Marshals Service for three days, before being returned to her natural father.

Defence attorney John Pepper is arguing that the United States should be obligated to release Bédard on bail as she hasn’t been formally charged with any crime, pending her extradition to Canada, where she faces two charges, child abduction and violating a custody order.

Pepper is also arguing that the three-time Olympic medalist was seeking refuge from “bureaucratic terrorism” in Canada, a claim that Bédard made in a letter she sent to the International Olympic Committee, Kofi Annan and US ambassador David Wilkins explaining why she was leaving Canada.

Bédard gave testimony during the Sponsorship scandal, where she stunned the courts by alleging that advertising firms had been engaged in narcotics trafficking, that her current husband was responsible for the decision not to send the Canadian Forces to Iraq, and that Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve had been paid $12 million to wear a Canadian flag, claims that were not verified by other sources.

Bédard is facing growing doubts about her mental state, which her attorney says are attempts to “belittle” her, due to personal grudges and her role in the scandal.

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Category:Lockerbie bombing

Category:Lockerbie bombing
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This is the category for the Lockerbie bombing, in which a US passenger airliner was destroyed over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

Refresh this list to see the latest articles.

  • 1 February 2013: British Prime Minister David Cameron makes unannounced visit to Libya
  • 23 May 2012: Lockerbie convict Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi buried after dying at Libyan home
  • 21 October 2009: Scottish lawyer denies death of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi
  • 2 September 2009: UK denies pressuring Scotland into Lockerbie release
  • 20 August 2009: Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi released on compassionate grounds
  • 18 August 2009: Lockerbie bombing appeal dropped
  • 15 August 2009: Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi moves to drop Lockerbie bombing appeal
  • 11 August 2009: Scotland denies bail to terminally ill man convicted of Lockerbie bombing
  • 11 August 2009: Lockerbie convict’s family among protesters for justice in Edinburgh
  • 21 December 2008: 20 years on: Lockerbie victims’ group head talks to Wikinews

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The wreckage of Pan Am 103 in 1988 (Image: AAIB)

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Wikinews Shorts: December 9, 2008

Wikinews Shorts: December 9, 2008
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A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, December 9, 2008.

 Contribute to Wikinews by expanding these briefs or add a new one.

The United States media group Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday as it struggled to sort out its US$13 billion debt. It is the second-largest newspaper publisher in the United States, responsible for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, among others.

The firm has been hit hard by the industry-wide slump in newspaper advert revenues this year. Sam Zell, the billionaire who owns Tribune, took out large loans in order to buy the firm back in June of 2007.

The United States Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection law states that a company can continue trading whilst it sorts out its finances.


  • “US publisher in bankruptcy move” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008
  • “Tribune files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy” —, December 8, 2008

 This story has updates See Quebec’s Liberal premier Jean Charest wins third term 

The Quebec general election is underway in the Canadian province of Quebec. Premier Jean Charest called the elections, saying he needed a majority to guide Quebec through a period of economic difficulties caused by the worldwide financial crisis.

Polls indicate that the Charest may obtain a majority, with support for his Quebec Liberal Party increasing to 45%, while support for the Parti Québécois remains at around 30%.

The polls will close at 01:00 GMT (20:00 local time), and the results will probably come in soon after that.


  • “Quebec voters head to the polls” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008
  • “Quebec votes in provincial elections” — Agence France-Presse, December 8, 2008

The United States government is reportedly close to an agreement for a US$15 billion bailout plan for the country’s three largest auto firms.

According to a draft obtained by the Associated Press, the deal would give loans to Detroit‘s struggling Big Three automobile manufacturersFord, General Motors, and Chrysler — but under the condition that the auto industry restructures itself to survive. Another condition is that the incumbent US President, George W. Bush, would appoint an overseer to supervise the effort.

Analysts suggest that the agreement could be signed into law by the end of this week.


  • “White House cool to plan for auto bailout” — MSNBC, December 8, 2008
  • “US car bail-out nears agreement” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008

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Thai anti-government leaders escape capture

Thai anti-government leaders escape capture
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

In a new setback to the Thai government’s efforts to ease mounting political tensions, protest leaders escaped from their hotel Friday after security forces arrived to arrest them.

One, Arisman Pongruangrong, climbed down three floors using a rope, and was rushed away by supporters thronging the building. The police say Arisman led recent rallies at the national parliament, the election commission, and satellite transmission bases.

Officials earlier Friday said the government is preparing to arrest people linked to violent clashes with security forces last Saturday.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, Thai security chief, announced the raid on the hotel as it was unfolding, saying that a Special Forces unit had closed in around a downtown Bangkok hotel.

“As I am speaking, the government’s special team is surrounding the SC Park Hotel, where we have learned that there are terrorists and some of their leaders hiding,” Suthep said.

A spokesman for the governing Democrat Party, Baranuj Smuthararaks, says arrest warrants have been issued for those suspected of being involved in the violence. Some of the suspects have been identified from photos taken during the clashes.

“Right now the government’s focusing on issuing warrants for acts of terrorism by the people who fortunately have been captured in action [in photos] by both the local and international media,” he said.

According to the New York Times, as many as five protest leaders had been staying at the same hotel as Pongruangrong. Those leaders later appeared together at a protest rally in Bangkok.

“I would like to thank all of the people who saved me,” Arisman said. “You have saved democracy.”The government says armed men infiltrated protester ranks Saturday and fired on troops trying to disperse a rally. Five soldiers and 19 protesters died during the clashes.

Thailand is facing its most severe political crisis in almost 20 years. The anti-government movement, led by the United Democratic Front against Dictatorship or UDD, demands that the government step down and call fresh elections.

UDD supporters, known as red shirts, have held protests in Bangkok for more than a month.

The UDD largely supports former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a coup in 2006 and remains overseas to avoid a jail sentence for corruption. Mr. Thaksin has strong support among the rural and urban poor, as well among some sections of the army and police.

Some parties in the governing coalition want to set a clear time frame for elections to ease tensions. But the government says it will only call elections once the political situation has cooled.

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Wikinews Shorts: March 7, 2007

Wikinews Shorts: March 7, 2007
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A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, March 7, 2007.

The European Union has banned the 35 planes in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) 45 aircraft fleet from flying in EU airspace. The reason provided by EU was that these plans do not fulfill the safety requirement for international planes and thus were banned. PIA has redeployed its Boeing 777 jets from US to EU flights to facilitate passengers in Europe. Flights PK 782 and PK 790 are still running on time from Toronto in Canada.


  • “EU bans old PIA planes” — Gulf Daily News, March 6, 2007
  • “EU imposes ban on all but seven PIA planes” — Pakistan Dawn, March 6, 2007

The Oklahoma Senate approved a bill introduced by lawmaker Patrick Anderson of Enid that enables police to seize vehicles when drivers fail to produce proof of insurance. The bill was tacked onto a measure to prohibit inserting microchips into people without their permission. 91,000 drivers have been ticketed for lack of insurance in Oklahoma to date.


  • RON JENKINS, Associated Press. “Senators approve bill to allow vehicles to be seized” — Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise, March 6, 2007
  • Associated Press. “Senators approve bill to allow vehicles to be seized” — FOX23, March 6, 2007

The New Orleans Saints have released All-Pro wide receiver Joe Horn because of money issues. The Saints hope to draft LSU (Louisiana State University) wide receiver DeWayne Bowe in the NFL Draft to fill Horn’s place.


  • BRETT MARTE,LCanadian Press. “New Orleans Saints release four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Joe Horn” — CBC News, March 1, 2007
  • “Saints release Horn from his contract” — The News-Star, March 1, 2007
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Stretch Mark Removal Creams: What Makes Them Effective?

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By IPRWire Staff Writer

Stretch mark removal creams are only as effective as the ingredients they contain combined with the delivery methods they utilize to carry the actives deep into the skin.

By law, most products (including stretch mark removal creams) must list their ingredients in order from the most ingredient being first to the least ingredient being last. Most creams on the market contain water as the first ingredient. Some also have a lot of additives and fillers listed before the actual key or effective ‘active’ ingredients. The further down the list the key ingredients are listed, the less of each of these ingredients the cream actually contains.

So basically, if a cream is going to help get rid of stretch marks, it must contain high amounts of the essential key ingredients that are crucial for skin repair. Some key vital ingredients in a stretch mark cream include collagen and elastin, but the ingredients alone won’t help much. They must be delivered ‘deeply’ into the skin where they can go to work.

A good treatment for stretch marks must also have an effective delivery system such as emu oil or liposomes (or both if possible). These ‘carrier’ ingredients help to deliver the key ingredients down to the damaged area where they can help get rid of stretch marks.

We have three layers of skin: the epidermis (or outer layer), the dermis (or middle layer) and the subcutaneous stratum (or deepest layer). Stretch marks are also known as stria atrophica and striae distensae. They occur in the dermis which is the elastic, resilient middle layer. This middle layer allows the skin to retain its shape.

YouTube Preview Image

When the dermis is constantly stretched, the skin becomes less elastic and the connective fibers break down leaving behind tiny tears in the skin known as stretch marks.

There are various treatments for stretch marks including laser surgery, creams and in some cases tummy tucks. Although there is no one treatment that is 100% effective in completely getting rid of stretch marks for every person, technological advances have brought about success for many seeking to rid their body of the marks.

75 to 90 percent of all pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, but they aren’t the only ones susceptible. Young adults who experience growth spurts and bodybuilders who practice strenuous and repetitive exercise are likely to get stretch marks.

One thing is certain. Knowing where to turn to for help with stretch marks is not easy. Who do you turn to? How do you know which cream to try or which company to trust?

Here are some simple guidelines to go by when looking for a stretch mark cream online.

* Does the product have good ingredients? Also, does the product contain ‘high’ amounts of these ingredients? (some creams only have enough of an ingredient to ‘legally’ be able to say that their cream contains the ingredient)

* Does the product have a good ‘delivery’ system such as emu oil, liposomes or some other type of ‘carrier’?

* Does the company have a professional website with access to their contact information such as their address and phone number? (be leery of websites that do not provide their contact information)

* Does the company have user testimonials about the cream?

* Most importantly, what kind of guarantee does the company offer for the cream? (be leery of companies that offer you the ‘moon’ – – – especially if they do not have a ‘strong’ money back guarantee)

About the Author: was originally founded in 1998 as Bodies By Design. The company’s focus is on stretch mark removal creams and treatments made from fresh, pure, and helpful ingredients.


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