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Campervan for Camp Travel



Holiday travel and camping for recreation, enjoyment and other purposes have made campervan a thing to talk about these days. You may be discussing camping with a colleague and do not get surprised when you are asked if you have a campervan for the intended camping. In developed countries, many vehicle owners are converting their vehicles into campervan due to the cost of hiring one these days. Interestingly, there are a lot people who also do not about campervan, though they may have basic idea that something like this automobile may exist but just they have not had clearer information about it. This article shares information about campervan so that those who do not know it may have idea of it. For those intending to own a campervan, this piece as well attempts to give some steps to follow.

Campervan Basic Information

A campervan is a vehicle that propels itself and serves dual (two-fold) purpose. It is used for transportation just as it is a van and serves as sleeping place. Basically, it is a van whose main function is transporting goods and people. But for the purpose of using a van for accommodation, a coachbuilder rebuilds or reconstructs it so that it can provide comfortable accommodation for camping.


Campervans House Nature

As it has already been pointed out, campervan provides a sleeping place. But there are more features to it. Some campervans have pop-up roofing that can be raised for air circulation or good ventilation during camping. Some too have fixed roofing.

Usually, a campervan has a kitchen in which there is refrigerator and 2-burner stove and grill. The refrigerator can be powered by battery, electricity or gas. But generally, a campervan has dual voltage lighting that can work from a different battery called leisure battery, not the van battery, or from electric current. The use of dedicated or leisure battery makes the van go-anywhere camper. It does not matter whether the campsite has electricity or not. But in the instance that the leisure battery is no longer functioning, the camp pitch must have electricity so that camping will be comfortable.

Of late, larger models of campervan are being introduced. Some of them have water-heater, air conditioning, space-heating and porta-parties (portable toilets). There are also models that have external shower in a private overhang attached to the exterior of the camper. Still there are a number of them that do not have toilet and shower facilities and the living compartment and cab do not have a divider between them.

Building a Private Campervan

You may want to build your own camper van because hiring a camper is getting expensive daily due to increasing demand. Building a private campervan is ideal but you need to have some basic knowledge, tools and time. You also need a vehicle that has strong base. Building a private campervan has some legality. Therefore, it is important that you contact legal authorities to get endorsement for conversion of your vehicle to a camper.

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Camping August 4th 2020

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