How To Select An Air Conditioning Unit

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How To Select an Air Conditioning Unit


Mike Sac

In the unbearable summer months, everyone wants an air conditioner to keep them cool from the high heat and humidity.

Today, there are several cooling options on the market, and the decision on which one to buy can be overwhelming.

This article will break down what to do when you are deciding on the right air conditioning unit for you.

First, you should look at the types of

air conditioners

available. There are four main types of air conditioners available:

Window: Window air conditioners are exactly what they sound like. This type of unit is installed in a window in any room in your home or business.

Portable air conditioners: A portable air conditioner does not require permanent installation and can be moved to different rooms or points in a room.

Wall air conditioners: A wall air conditioner is installed through a wall in your house and is permanently installed. This benefits the consumer who does not want to remove their air conditioner every fall.

Central cooling: A central cooling system cools down your entire home or business space. These units are installed outside and every room is hooked up to the same system. While this saves you the trouble of putting units in every room, it is also more expensive.

Once you know what kind of air conditioner you want, you should do further research to determine your needs.

The first step is to determine how many BTU s (British Thermal Units) need to be in your unit. In order to determine this, you multiply the square footage of the room the unit will go in by 35. For example, if you are putting the unit in a 15 x 15 room, you will want to purchase an air conditioner with roughly 7,900 BTU s.

The higher the BTU s, the stronger the air conditioner will be. However, don t buy the unit with the highest BTU s. This will only raise your energy costs.

Next, see what kind of outlet you have for plugging in the unit. There are two types of outlets: a 115 volt can be used for any type of appliance, while a 220 volt outlet has the prongs going up and down vertically.

When you are shopping for air conditioners, check the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). Several things will go into determining what EER is best for you, including how often the room is used, other appliances in the room, and how many people use it. The higher the efficiency rating, the lower your energy costs will be. Units rated with the Energy Star certification can be up to 10% more efficient than those without the seal.

The best air conditioning units are quiet, last a long time, and do not need many repairs. Be sure to factor that into your decision and ask a salesperson the appropriate questions, as there is no hard and fast answer for every unit.

Finally, you may also be interested in either manual or electronic controls. Manual controls have a knob that allow you to set your air conditioner at high, low, or medium temperature; while electronic controls let you select the right temperature.

Hopefully, these steps will let you make the right choice for an air conditioning unit to use in your home this summer.

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Air Conditioning Servicing November 21st 2023

How To Find Quality Air Conditioning Service For Your Home

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How to Find Quality Air Conditioning Service for Your Home


Avery Simek

In areas that commonly experience hot weather throughout the year, finding a highly qualified air conditioning repair service is close to being a necessity. No one wants to experience air conditioner defects in the midst of soaring temperature, so it would be wise to prepare for such inconveniences before they even begin by looking for a reliable

air conditioning service Houston

mechanics have to offer.

A few important factors must be considered when scouting for a qualified air conditioning repair service. It s ideal to obtain referrals from neighbors and other people who experience the same weather as you do in your area. Ask about who they contact when their air conditioners break down, and whether these mechanics offer quality service. Based on their positive (or negative) feedback, you would be given a good idea of whether such companies provide quality service.


It is also important that your repair service is well informed of the various weather conditions your area experiences. For example, the

air conditioning service Houston

companies has are aware of the extremely high temperatures the city regularly experiences, and therefore are able to properly schedule repairs and adequately prepare for the different circumstances they may encounter during repair. Through this repair services are able to better assess what malfunctions can possibly occur with their clients air conditioning equipment.

Some air conditioning repair companies specialize in particular air conditioner brands, so try to select a service provider that is well-versed with your brand of air conditioner. While most HVAC equipments have mostly standard configurations, companies that concentrate on certain air conditioning brands are more familiar with the common glitches and trouble spots that their brands of specialty usually encounter. This ensures that they would perform quality work on your appliance, and would even offer valuable tips to help you maintain your air conditioner.

Air conditioning repair service is expensive, so it is only proper to make sure that you get what you pay for. Choose only skilled and experienced repairmen to work even the smallest of malfunctions; these small quality repairs are what can possibly save you additional dollars in future repairs. Aside from these, also make sure that you regularly maintain and clean your air conditioner.

Lastly, consider hiring repair specialists that offer a wide range of repairs, such as HVAC companies that can work on cooling equipment and also offer

heater repair Houston

residents often need in colder months. This would make calling for HVAC repairs more convenient for you, as you would only need to remember one service to contact in the event of such. These companies also offer discounts for frequent customers.

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