Custom Printed Poly Bags In The Food Industry

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Submitted by: Brooks Hogg

When a consumer shops for packaged food, which is that one thing that grabs his or her attention? Of course, the packaging! Especially in case of frozen foods, packaging plays a vital role. Consumers shy away from food stuff that is not packed well or lacks sufficient product information, right to the innermost packing layer.

The innermost polybag layer that comes in contact with food must be of material that is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food safety. The food industry makes ample use of custom printed poly bags to make sure that the end users can see the relevant product information such as ingredients, cooking instructions, storage instructions and product expiry dates.

The use of these poly bags is not just limited to the innermost packaging in the food manufacturing and processing domain. These days more and more businesses are using custom printed poly bags as a part of a promotional strategy to create awareness about their products and services.


Why custom-printed poly bags are popula

Easy to use branding material- Printed poly bags make wonderful branding material. By getting their name, company logo and contact details printed on poly bags, food service providers convert a simple brand into an effective brand ambassador ! Many service providers encourage consumers to reuse these poly bags multiple times; this ensures the maximum relay of the brand message to a wider customer base.

Effective way to promote the green initiative – Responsible business owners display messages on printed poly bags for their re-use and appropriate disposal. Since most plastic bags can be recycled, many brands take the initiative of educating the customers to do their bit to help the environment, even as they use these bags. Moreover, these days custom made poly bags are made by some reputed manufacturers using 100% renewable energy.

Highly customizable -These days, poly bag suppliers make various kinds of plastic bags as per specific industry needs. All poly bags that come in food contact are certified by the USDA and FDA for food safety and to conform to the set guidelines. Also, businesses can order these bags in specific sizes and with special features such as die-cut handles, zip closures, or flap closures. One can order bags of varying thickness as well (0.8 Mil – 8 Mil), depending on the intended use.

Where to buy custom printed plastic bags from?

For business owners in the food industry, using high-quality poly bags is a must; more so when the bags will be used to pack food directly. Most reputed suppliers of plastic bags use polyethylene of approved quality to make the bags. Before making a purchase, business owners must check the food-grade certification of the manufacturer.

One can either turn to the yellow pages to follow a complicated procedure to buy customized poly bags; or simply turn to the internet. One can easily buy custom made poly bags online, and even get them delivered by the manufacturer through standard shipping. Buying online can save business owners a lot of time, and get the required bags at very affordable prices.

About the Author: Brooks Hogg is a packaging expert. He loves to share information on poly bags. Read his blogs to know more about plastic poly bags, plastic garment bags, minigrip zip lock bags, custom printed plastic bags and so on.


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