Finding Free Instrumentals On The Internet.

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Submitted by: Jacob Zerfing

So you need free instrumentals. You want to get your rap career started there are ca couple of things that you are going to need. First order of business is to find yourself some beats. In doing this there are a couple of options for you. Probably the best option would be to partner up with an aspiring producer that you work well with. Find somebody that is down for the long haul and doesn t want anything now just a return of their investment later. Look at the relationship between Drake and his producer 40. This is what you need. This is hard to find for a lot of people but trust me when I say that it is well worth the time that you spend. Not only do you get a collection of free instrumentals but you also develop a sound with your producer that people know you for. This is yet another piece of the puzzle that will make you unique.

If finding your own personal producer is hard to find you can always go and download a variety of industry instrumentals from the Internet. Rapping over beats that other rappers have used in the music industry can be a great way to showcase your talents. After all if you can t sound good over a beats that was a hit song you may have a long way to go in your career. I tend to recommend this to artists just because it is cheap and you can get people to hear your stuff that are searching for something else, like the original version of that song. You get free publicity doing your own version because people will be listening to the original on YouTube.


The third option for you to find is to go on Soundclick and download some of the beats that the producers on that website have posted. Here is how it works, if you are going to use the beat for commercial purposes they ask you to pay for a non-exclusive license. You can do this and then your free beats turns into a cheap beat but lets be serious. Who is really going to check to see if you are using the beat as long as you aren t doing anything crazy I say go and promote yourself with the said instrumentals.

All in all there are a variety of things that you can do to help you create music, as much as people complain about how the Internet has made it hard to make money in music but in reality it has given the little guy way more opportunities. Get on the blogs and get your stuff out there. I would however that if you are going to put your music on blogs and a lot of people are going to hear it than you should probably get the license from Soundclick producers. So its not a free instrumentals like you wanted be a cheap instrumental is still a great start.

About the Author: Jake Poore is a producer and entrepreneur. He is the owner of AgesMGMT a company focused on music production, artist management and development. To hear his music visit then blog dedicated to a free instrumentals.

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