Holiday Cargo Shipping From The Caribbean To The U.S.

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Holiday Cargo Shipping from the Caribbean to the U.S.


Christine Richard

If you are living in the Caribbean either temporarily or permanently, you may wish to send holiday items to the United States. Those who have retired in the Caribbean, for example, might want to send holiday goods back to their family members still living in the U.S. Others who have family who have immigrated to the United States from the Caribbean may wish to send goods, as might those who are going to school in the Caribbean and who want to send holiday cheer back to their families. Finally, businesses in the Caribbean may wish to send holiday goods , customer orders, and novelties for the gift giving season.

Regardless of why you want to send items from the Caribbean to the U.S. for the holidays, it is important to be prepared and to choose the right shipping company for your needs. Here are some tips to help.

1. Start the holiday shipping process now


The earlier you start preparing your holiday shipments, the better. Booking your shipments now will ensure you get the very best rates and the fastest transit times. No matter what your preferred method of delivery happens to be, shipping your holiday cargo early on will help you save big.

You can start getting quotes for your shipping needs online through the websites of the shipping company s you consider. Make sure to find a shipping company that offers an excellent overall value on their services, providing you with all the service features you need to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.

2. Choose a shipping company with locations both in the U.S. and in the Caribbean

Shipping with someone local is always a good way to go since your local shipping company knows the regulations and requirements for shipments and has offices on the ground to deal with issues. Of course, when you send from the Caribbean to the U.S., if you want a local shipping company, you ll have to choose a shipper with a presence both on the Islands and in the United States.

3. Understand the shipping requirements and limitations

There are certain restrictions on what items can enter the United States from the Caribbean, and there are requirements as far as what must be done in order for your items to enter the United States. You typically will need to fill out customs paperwork and may need to work with a customs broker. A good shipping company should help you with everything you need to know and work with you to take care of the logistical details.

Getting Started Today

The success of sending a holiday shipment from the Caribbean to the United States is going to depend upon choosing the right shipping company, completing the requirements and packing your items correctly. Get started with the process today so that your holiday items arrive safely and on time in order to bring holiday cheer to your loved ones in the U.S.

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