How Much Is Car Insurance For New Drivers

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How much is car insurance is one of the most common questions that are usually asked by first-time car owners. This is good for those who think first of security but for those who have not yet bought insurance coverage, today is the earliest time to re-think.

Car insurance is a compulsory responsibility for motorists in Oklahoma. Under the tort law, each person should at least have a minimum coverage. In case of accidents, the car insurance will cover for property damage and personal injury. The problem in not having car insurance is that the uninsured driver takes all the burden of paying for the damage and injury caused to another person.

Apart from car maintenance, buying car insurance should also be one of the main responsibilities of first time car owners. You can meet up with your insurance agent or get quotes to get cheap insurance cars.


How much is car insurance minimum coverage?

For new drivers, buying minimum coverage is a good way to get insured. The cost is not that excruciating though. Whether it is your dad who bought your car or you got it as a prize for yourself, you need to carry at least $25, 000 to pay for an injured person. It is also known as liability insurance, where you are only covered for the liability that arises upon accident.

It also includes $50,000 in case you have injured two or more individuals in the same accident and another $25,000 in case of damage to property. The advantage of having minimum insurance is that you are financially secured in case of unfortunate events. Some people add up additional coverage just to make sure they are free of any liabilities in case they get red-handed in road accidents.

For minimum insurance, the driver who is at fault may pay for the extra cost in case the total amount of liability exceeds the coverage. For instance, if the amount payable to the injured person is $27,000, you will pay for the remaining $2,000. This seldom happens though. If the accident is not too severe, then you are on safe grounds. For all times, it pays to drive with due care and follow the traffic signs.

How to get cheap car insurance?

Oftentimes, young drivers find it hard to get cheap insurance because insurance companies tend to prejudge possibilities. If you search for auto insurance, you can expect your agent to ask a lot of question. But just because you are told to have lesser experience in driving doesn t mean you are not good. You simply need to learn wise tactics to attract cheaper car insurance.

How much is car insurance will basically depend on factors like having a bad record, enclosing previous accidents. For instance, if you purchase coverage several months after an at-fault accident, you will definitely get high premiums because of the risks associated with driving with an at-fault accident. Before visiting your insurance agent, try to get online and compare quotes. Take note of the details of your car and try to assess how much budget you ll need for a specific coverage.

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