Top 10 Things To Check Before Towing Your Caravan

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Submitted by: Peter Richards

So, you ve planned just about every aspect of your holiday; booked your campsite, mapped out your route and dusted off last year s travel games. But have you made sure that your tourer is fighting fit and ready to take on the journey ahead?

Each year some holiday makers forget to check the basics when preparing to take their touring caravan away. Failing to prepare your caravan for your travels can cost both time and money in the event that you break down. It s also worth noting that a caravan in disrepair could be unsafe to tow and become a danger to you and other road users.

But by taking a few simple steps you can gain peace of mind from knowing that your caravan is as ready to go on holiday as you are.

1)Complete a basic safety check – Make sure that your caravan lights are working and that your coupling is safe and secure. Also check that your caravan s breaks are in good working order and the mechanism to stop them from engaging when you reverse is also functional.


2)Check your tyres Leaving a caravan standing for months on end in between holiday seasons can cause damage to the rubber in your tyres. Check that your tyres are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure before your travel.

3)Check that your car and caravan are legal The legal requirements this will depend on where you are traveling. In England, make sure that your number plate is visible on the back of your caravan and that you have installed E-marked towing mirrors if your caravan is wider than the narrowest part of the back of your car.

4)Check that your car is in good working order Do remember that towing a caravan can put a lot of strain on your vehicle especially if you are traveling over greater distances than you cover in a normal week.

5)Drive sensibly Give yourself time to adjust (or readjust) to driving with a caravan. Take care when cornering, reversing and breaking.

6)Prepare an emergency kit This is a legal requirement in some countries, but it s good to have wherever you travel. Make sure that you have plenty of warm clothing, a mobile phone, a torch, jump leads and details of your breakdown cover incase you break down.

7)Complete a short test drive Doing this a week or two before you travel may well highlight any problems that your caravan has. It also gives you adequate time to complete repairs at your leisure before you go away.

8)Secure your caravan You never know when you will want to detach your car from your caravan while you re away, using a wheel lock, hitch lock or alarm can give you peace of mind. Using such as security device could also lower the cost of your caravan insurance.

9)Make sure that you have caravan insurance Some people forget to take out caravan insurance, but it can protect you and your investment in the event that an accident occurs while you re away. Some caravan insurance policies give additional benefits, such as cover against fire and water damage to your caravan, or cover in the event that your keys are stolen, giving you extra peace of mind.

10)Still uncertain? Why not ask the Highways agency for a copy of their Fit to Tow DVD or Hitched magazine? Both are designed to help caravan owners get their selves and their caravans fit for the road and ready to travel.

About the Author: These top ten tips were brought to you by Simple Caravan Insurance. With over 70,000 customers and counting, Simple are one of the leading leisure insurance providers in the UK. You can find out more about us and keep up to date with caravan news, hints and tips at


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