What You Need To Appreciate About Outdoor Garden Lamps?

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What You Need To Appreciate About Outdoor Garden Lamps?


Rudy S. Silva

There are two methods to categorize garden lanterns: the manner in which the lanterns are powered and the style of giving light to the garden. Outdoor garden lamps can be run by fuel, electricity and solar energy.

Outdoor lanterns powered by fuel, resembling antique oil lamps or gas lamps, have small containers to hold the gas or oil. To continually give illumination to your garden, the oil or gas must be replenished.

There are many designs that can enhance the beauty and ambience in your garden such as candle lanterns. There are also post torches which the base is buried in the ground. But fuel garden lanterns can pose a threat to your safety. They are a fire hazards.

Electricity-powered lanterns have wires attached to a switch to turn them on and off. The variety of styles can match the theme and aura of your garden. The self-sustaining garden lamps are the ones powered by solar energy. They should be installed in areas where they get the most sunlight.


There are four basic styles of garden lamps. These are wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, lampposts and pier-mounted lamps. Wall lanterns, like the name suggests are mounted on a wall like sconces.

They give more illumination on the physical aspect of the house or building where they are mounted, than on the pathway or ground. There are many designs for wall lanterns. Each one can give a specific effect on your garden such as royalty, floating or classical.

Hanging lanterns are suspended on the air. Examples of this style are the pendant lights and chandeliers. There is a hook on its end where it is attached to the ceiling, while the body hangs from it.

Hanging lanterns are different from recessed lights in which the latter seems to be engraved through the ceiling. The variety of its design makes hanging lanterns an exotic source of beauty and light.

Lampposts are among the traditional style of garden lanterns. Its design is classical as it has been in existence since the beginning of time, only then, they used oils. Lampposts are the enhanced version of torch in a pole or post.

Instead of oil, today s lampposts use bulbs, either solar or electrical. The lamps are enclosed on the top end of the post. The enclosure designs are varied to convey different effects, like fairy land, royalty or classical.

If you have a fence or gate, you can also install garden lamps. This is exactly the purpose of pier-mounted lamps. They cannot be installed from a ceiling or a wall. They also do not have poles where they are mounted on the top end.

Rather, pier-mounted garden lanterns have pier mounts which securely attach to your fences. They make a good addition to your security as they provide bright illumination from your fence and the closer areas.

There are also decorative garden lanterns like garden pagodas and the Japanese lanterns such as the Japanese stone lanterns and botanical stone garden lanterns. While they provide lights to your garden, the focus of their design is more of aesthetic than functional.

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