Top 10 Things To Check Before Towing Your Caravan

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Submitted by: Peter Richards

So, you ve planned just about every aspect of your holiday; booked your campsite, mapped out your route and dusted off last year s travel games. But have you made sure that your tourer is fighting fit and ready to take on the journey ahead?

Each year some holiday makers forget to check the basics when preparing to take their touring caravan away. Failing to prepare your caravan for your travels can cost both time and money in the event that you break down. It s also worth noting that a caravan in disrepair could be unsafe to tow and become a danger to you and other road users.

But by taking a few simple steps you can gain peace of mind from knowing that your caravan is as ready to go on holiday as you are.

1)Complete a basic safety check – Make sure that your caravan lights are working and that your coupling is safe and secure. Also check that your caravan s breaks are in good working order and the mechanism to stop them from engaging when you reverse is also functional.


2)Check your tyres Leaving a caravan standing for months on end in between holiday seasons can cause damage to the rubber in your tyres. Check that your tyres are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure before your travel.

3)Check that your car and caravan are legal The legal requirements this will depend on where you are traveling. In England, make sure that your number plate is visible on the back of your caravan and that you have installed E-marked towing mirrors if your caravan is wider than the narrowest part of the back of your car.

4)Check that your car is in good working order Do remember that towing a caravan can put a lot of strain on your vehicle especially if you are traveling over greater distances than you cover in a normal week.

5)Drive sensibly Give yourself time to adjust (or readjust) to driving with a caravan. Take care when cornering, reversing and breaking.

6)Prepare an emergency kit This is a legal requirement in some countries, but it s good to have wherever you travel. Make sure that you have plenty of warm clothing, a mobile phone, a torch, jump leads and details of your breakdown cover incase you break down.

7)Complete a short test drive Doing this a week or two before you travel may well highlight any problems that your caravan has. It also gives you adequate time to complete repairs at your leisure before you go away.

8)Secure your caravan You never know when you will want to detach your car from your caravan while you re away, using a wheel lock, hitch lock or alarm can give you peace of mind. Using such as security device could also lower the cost of your caravan insurance.

9)Make sure that you have caravan insurance Some people forget to take out caravan insurance, but it can protect you and your investment in the event that an accident occurs while you re away. Some caravan insurance policies give additional benefits, such as cover against fire and water damage to your caravan, or cover in the event that your keys are stolen, giving you extra peace of mind.

10)Still uncertain? Why not ask the Highways agency for a copy of their Fit to Tow DVD or Hitched magazine? Both are designed to help caravan owners get their selves and their caravans fit for the road and ready to travel.

About the Author: These top ten tips were brought to you by Simple Caravan Insurance. With over 70,000 customers and counting, Simple are one of the leading leisure insurance providers in the UK. You can find out more about us and keep up to date with caravan news, hints and tips at


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What To Research When When Shopping Dental Practices For Sale In Nevada

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byAlma Abell

Anytime you are considering starting or purchasing a business, the process can be scary and intimidating. While there is nothing that will alleviate all of your fears, there are things you can do to help you make a decision that you can feel confident about. If you have never shopped for a business before, then you may not know where to start. While there are a multitude of factors to consider, it is important that you know how to research Dental Practices For Sale in Nevada so you can make your decision with the greatest amount of knowledge possible. This can help you spend your money wisely, and keep you from making a purchase that you will regret.

Here are three things you should consider before agreeing to purchase an existing practice.

Preexisting Debts and Contracts : If the company you are interested in purchasing has a great deal of debts or vendor contracts that you will have to assume liability for, then you should get all of these in writing. While some financial liabilities are to be expected, make sure you thoroughly investigate all of the contracts so you can rest assured they won’t cause you financial demise or cause you to regret your purchase decision.

Insurance : It can be expensive and complicated to purchase the insurance you need for your practice. If the dentist already has these in place, then you should ask the insurance company if you can change the policy to your name. This can keep you from having to pay expensive payments up front, and ensure you have the insurance you need to operate your new practice legally.

Pricing : Ask the current owner what they charge for their services. If you will have to increase prices drastically to turn a profit after buying it, then you could lose customers. This can make it complicated for you to make your company profitable in the future, and leave you with a business that is doomed for failure from the start.

If you are looking for Dental Practices For Sale in Nevada, then make sure you call Western Practice Sales. They can do all this research for you, so you can spend your time comparing information and deciding what you want to do. Don’t get caught off guard by the purchase you make, when you can let a business broker guide you through the process. Visit their website today to learn more.

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How Accidents Occur In Hotels

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There are tens of thousands of hotels, guest houses, motels, and caravan parks across the UK, catering for millions of domestic and foreign tourists each year. Even more rooms are rented out privately during peak season and over bank holiday weekends. Inevitably in this high volume industry which focuses on the personal care of its customers, mistakes will be made, accidents will happen, and hotel guests will end up getting injured as a result. Most accidents at hotels are due to poor maintenance of one form or another. Staff shortages and lack of effective supervision of guests is another major cause of hotel accidents. Newer hotels may also have intrinsic design flaws that pose a hazard to the health and safety of guests, but have not previously been noticed by the hotel’s management.

Just as at home, there are a wide range of accidents that can occur at hotels, and a similarly broad range of injuries that may result. Guests may fall and injure themselves in various circumstances, such as when slipping on a recently cleaned floor, or tripping over a frayed carpet. Bathrooms should have the necessary safety fittings to reduce the risk of slips and falls. All public areas, including corridors, stairs and elevators should be properly maintained, and free from hazardous defects. This includes hotels providing decent lighting in communal areas to reduce the risk of guests falling over. Furniture in bedrooms should be in good condition, as well as fittings on walls and ceilings. Any electrical appliance in a room and hot taps in a bathroom must be in good working order, and free from defects which may cause shocks or burns.


Other dangers at hotels include falls over electrical cables, or other obstacles left in corridors and communal areas. Faulty radiators in hotel rooms may leak dangerous carbon monoxide gas, or a fire may break out, often the result of gas cylinder explosions. The hotel’s grounds and facilities must also be properly maintained. Hazards include broken glass, cracked paving stones and tiles, exposed concrete, and uneven surfaces. Hotel swimming pools must be treated with the correct chemicals, and a trained lifeguard should always be always on duty to supervise swimmers. Hotels must provide sufficient staff to monitor guests at all times. This is of particular importance in hotel bars and restaurants, where spilled food, drinks and broken glass will need to be immediately cleared up. Food hygiene standards must also be high to prevent the risk of viruses, illnesses and diseases spreading among guests. Bed bugs are yet another unfortunate menace at some British hotels.

Hotels must hold public liability insurance to protect them in the event of guests getting injured due to the negligence of the hotel’s management or its staff. They are obliged to take all reasonable measures to protect their guests from the risk of accidents and injuries. This includes ensuring sufficient numbers of trained staff are on duty to assist guests, and providing these staff with a safe system of work that promptly deals with potential hazards as they arise. British holidaymakers who have purchased a foreign trip as a package deal are also protected by The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992. This means that the UK tour operator owes a duty of care to their customers while they are overseas, and will be held responsible under UK law for injuries resulting from the negligence of a foreign holiday resort’s management or staff.

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Bartletts Solicitors can Claim Hotel compensation for guests and employees injured at a hotel. We will Sue Hotel for compensation for accidents on a no win no fee basis meaning that if you win your case you will keep 100% of damages awarded.Author: Darcy Hayton

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Campervan For Camp Travel}

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Campervan for Camp Travel



Holiday travel and camping for recreation, enjoyment and other purposes have made campervan a thing to talk about these days. You may be discussing camping with a colleague and do not get surprised when you are asked if you have a campervan for the intended camping. In developed countries, many vehicle owners are converting their vehicles into campervan due to the cost of hiring one these days. Interestingly, there are a lot people who also do not about campervan, though they may have basic idea that something like this automobile may exist but just they have not had clearer information about it. This article shares information about campervan so that those who do not know it may have idea of it. For those intending to own a campervan, this piece as well attempts to give some steps to follow.

Campervan Basic Information

A campervan is a vehicle that propels itself and serves dual (two-fold) purpose. It is used for transportation just as it is a van and serves as sleeping place. Basically, it is a van whose main function is transporting goods and people. But for the purpose of using a van for accommodation, a coachbuilder rebuilds or reconstructs it so that it can provide comfortable accommodation for camping.


Campervans House Nature

As it has already been pointed out, campervan provides a sleeping place. But there are more features to it. Some campervans have pop-up roofing that can be raised for air circulation or good ventilation during camping. Some too have fixed roofing.

Usually, a campervan has a kitchen in which there is refrigerator and 2-burner stove and grill. The refrigerator can be powered by battery, electricity or gas. But generally, a campervan has dual voltage lighting that can work from a different battery called leisure battery, not the van battery, or from electric current. The use of dedicated or leisure battery makes the van go-anywhere camper. It does not matter whether the campsite has electricity or not. But in the instance that the leisure battery is no longer functioning, the camp pitch must have electricity so that camping will be comfortable.

Of late, larger models of campervan are being introduced. Some of them have water-heater, air conditioning, space-heating and porta-parties (portable toilets). There are also models that have external shower in a private overhang attached to the exterior of the camper. Still there are a number of them that do not have toilet and shower facilities and the living compartment and cab do not have a divider between them.

Building a Private Campervan

You may want to build your own camper van because hiring a camper is getting expensive daily due to increasing demand. Building a private campervan is ideal but you need to have some basic knowledge, tools and time. You also need a vehicle that has strong base. Building a private campervan has some legality. Therefore, it is important that you contact legal authorities to get endorsement for conversion of your vehicle to a camper.

Hire simple, functional and affordable Campervan, Motorhome Hire Nelson and RV on rent to Nelson, NZ from CamperCo NZ.

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Finding A Cheap Paintball Gun}

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Submitted by: Kirsten Whittaker

Paintball has become a popular sport since its introduction in the early 1980s. Thanks to new technologies, today a beginner paintball player has thousands of options to consider when buying the equipment that suits his skill level and style of play. And while you should not skimp on safety equipment and paintballs, paintball guns can be bought cheaply and still have a variety of cool features.

When selecting the right paintball gun, or marker, you should be realistic about your skill level. If you are a beginner or play randomly, you can easily start with a cheap paintball gun. Consider buying a cheaper paintball gun if you dont know how often youll be playing or what features to look for in a paintball gun. To determine what kind of a paintball gun you need you may decide to borrow a few markers and try playing on different fields. After you realize what features and qualities you look for and understand what type of a paintball gun you need, you can upgrade your cheap paintball gun to a newer and more complex model.

If you play only once or twice a year, its definitely worth renting the equipment rather than buying even a cheap paintball gun. Paintball experts suggest that you rent a mask, tank, gun, and hopper when you play occasionally. When you develop the taste for the game and start playing more frequently, then you can buy at least a cheap set of paintball equipment, including the gun.


Serious paintball players always look for new models loaded with features such as electronic aiming and automatic fire controls. You can find a cheap secondhand paintball gun with all these features and then get rid of it and buy a new one if repairs get too expensive. Remember that with your own paintball equipment you will have clean and maintain your gear.

The cost of your paintball gun usually depends on the pressure system used in the gun, and on the various accessories. Carbon dioxide pressure system is the most popular one. It is commonly used in the cheaper paintball guns. The main drawback is that carbon dioxide depends greatly on the outside temperature changing its state from gas to liquid, which results in velocity fluctuations and affects shooting accuracy. For paintball beginners, the carbon dioxide system is quite safe and costs less.

High-pressure air and nitrogen systems are used by serious players because they are more accurate since nitrogen never liquefies. As a result, nitrogen operated paintball guns are not cheap.

Remember, you can always upgrade your cheap paintball gun as your skill level and requirements increase.

Additional accessories affect the price of your paintball gun, too. A hopper, or a loader, is a popular paintball accessory. Basically, its a container with your paintballs that feeds them into your paintball gun. Hoppers can be automated and powered, and come in a variety of sizes. Lightweight and fast hoppers usually cost more.

Another useful feature of your paintball gun is an air supply tank that can be carried on your belt and connected to your marker with a tube. As a result, the belt needs an upgrade, too, to hold your ammo and other supplies.

If you are serious about buying a paintball gun, spend some time researching the cheapest yet dependable guns on the market. Even with the perfect paintball gun you may soon find some hidden flaws or simply fall out of love with it. When buying the paintball gun, check and double check your options, and buy a marker only when you exactly know what you want.

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