Dentists And Medicaid: Ensuring Access To Dental Care

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Understanding the Relationship between Dentists and Medicaid

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps low-income families or individuals pay for the costs associated with important healthcare services, such as hospital stays, doctor appointments, nursing home care, home healthcare, and more. One less known aspect of Medicaid is the provision of dental services. Dental care is a critical part of overall health care, yet many individuals struggle to afford it.

Some dentists accept Medicaid, and beneficiaries can receive necessary dental care at lower costs or sometimes even for free. However, not all dentists accept Medicaid, leading to significant healthcare access gaps. Understanding how dentists and Medicaid work together is vital for both dentists looking to expand their services and patients who need access to affordable dental care.

The Role of Medicaid in Dental Care

Medicaid dental coverage varies from one state to another. While some states only cover emergency dental procedures, others provide extensive coverage, including preventive care, minor dental work, and even major procedures. Coverage also differs across age groups, with children generally having greater coverage than adults due to the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit. Certain states have also expanded their Medicaid programs due to the Affordable Care Act, providing adult dental benefits that were not previously available.

Despite these advancements, the number of dentists who accept Medicaid is relatively low for several reasons. These include low reimbursement rates, administrative hassles, and frequent policy changes by Medicaid. Many dentists also express concern over missed appointments and late arrivals, which tend to be more common among the Medicaid population.

Finding Dentists Who Accept Medicaid

The task of identifying a dentist who accepts Medicaid can be challenging. Various online tools and databases can support you in finding a suitable dentist. Moreover, you can call local dentists directly or even your local Medicaid office for help. It is crucial to verify whether a dentist accepts Medicaid before scheduling an appointment. The constant changes to the Medicaid program and the discretion that dentists have in accepting Medicaid patients make it necessary to double-check this information.

In this aspect, the Double Bay Dental Clinic sets a commendable example. This clinic provides comprehensive dental services to its patients and accepts Medicaid. Thus, it offers an affordable solution for families and individuals looking for quality dental treatment. By providing a variety of dental treatments and accepting different types of payment including Medicaid, clinics like Double Bay Dental Clinic are addressing the existing gap in dental health access for low-income patients.


Connecting dentists with the Medicaid program is crucial to close the gap in dental care for low-income populations. However, several challenges exist that deter dentists from participating in the Medicaid program. It is equally important for patients to understand the role of Medicaid in dental care and the process involved in locating a dentist who accepts Medicaid. Celebrating and promoting the work of establishments like the Double Bay Dental Clinic—who accept Medicaid—can serve as motivation for other dental practices to follow in their footsteps.

Dentist July 9th 2024

The Pros And Cons Of An Eyebrow Transplant}

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Submitted by: Dr Tyng Tan

Getting your hair done is something that we commonly hear, but having an eyebrow transplant is something that we dont usually hear. But nowadays procedure has gained more attention leading more individuals, particularly women, to have it done. But as a smart consumer it is wise to get to know more about it to be able to weigh the pros and the cons. So here we present you exactly that to help you make an informed decision. You may have pretty eyes, but a nice eyebrow can define it more beautifully.

Eyebrow Transplant Pros

For those who want to have fuller and better shaped eyebrows, you can have the one you want just exactly.

This procedure uses your own hair as donors giving it a more natural look, especially since they are arranged according to the surrounding hairs.

A good set of eyebrows made possible by an eyebrow transplant will give your eyes better frame.

It gives that overplucked and misshapen eyebrows a new and rejuvenated look.

Those who have lost their eyebrows due to trauma (accidents or burns), old age, medical treatments or thyroid problems will benefit from this procedure.


Those who are genetically predisposed with thin eyebrows can gain a new set of fuller arches.

This is generally painless, however for those who have lower pain thresholds, an oral sedative can be administered prior to the procedure.

The procedure is safe with minimal complications.

Scarring will not be visible. There will be scabs on the days immediately after the procedure that they will just fall off painlessly in a matter of days.

This is a much better choice than getting an eyebrow tattoo because the latter looks less aesthetically appealing because it comes out too artificial. Getting an eyebrow tattoo can be very painful too.

They will remain permanent for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Eyebrow Transplant Cons

This can still require some incisions for an FUT approach which is about 1-5 cm long because a single brow may require 300-400 grafts. For an FUE, this will result to more than a hundred minute scars.

For those who like to wear their hair really short, the scars from your donor area may be easily visible.

Although it may only be a small area to fill, this procedure takes extra time to ensure that each hair is placed in a natural position.

There may be shedding weeks after the procedure but this will only be temporary.

Your brows may require frequent trimming because the implants may grow out to its natural length.

It would take a really good surgeon to give you a natural-looking result.

There may be instances where some hair goes out of the grain, but you can remedy this by simply plucking them out.

The cost may leave some apprehensive, as compared to other choices (eyebrow tattoo or brow pencils).

Redness and scabbing may be evident days after eyebrow transplant surgery. But this will be relieved after a week. Just make sure that you dont scratch the scabs to prevent dislodging the grafts or introducing infection.

About the Author: If you want to ascertain that you get that perfect

eyebrow transplant

, it is advised that you keep choose only the best people to work on it. Hair and Laser Studio in Singapore is definitely the team who can give you those well-defined brows with the safest, latest and most effective measures. For more information you can visit our website at


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Poor Dental Health May Point To Other Health Problems

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By Penny Lane

Have you had your dentist ask you questions like, ‘Are you snoring or sleeping bad?’ or ‘Do you suffer from halitosis no matter what you eat or do?’ or ‘Do you suffer from acidity?’ Would be surprised if your dentist points you to a sleep apnea clinic rather than an invisalign? Do not because very often poor dental health is actually a pointer to other medical conditions that you might be suffering and not knowing about.

Mouth odor which is so terrible and everyone hates, could be the result of poor digestion, bad eating habits, gastroenteritis, and many other similar problems. High acidity also causes yellowing of teeth, plaque and even cavities. Snoring is another example where oral health points to underlying health problems – in this case it is respiratory disorders.

Recent studies show that even heart diseases could be detected through the analysis of the condition of your oral health. Tooth infections and abscesses can influence the immune system to such an extent that the heart would be affected as well. When there are acute and continuous recurring infections of the jaw bone in particular, it is often a pointer that the heart is under threat as well.

This is why it is important to visit your dentist at least every six months so you would not only ensure the health of your teeth but also your health overall. The dentist would be able to tell you whether what you are suffering from is owed to poor dental hygiene, poor eating habits or other ailments in the body that reflect in the oral health problems.


It is very important therefore that you maintain good oral health and take the trouble to immediately remedy any problem you find with your teeth or gums. Most people still suffer from dentist phobia and would do anything to postpone a visit. If you are among this bracket of people, please note that you are doing yourself a great disservice. You might be hiding some very serious medical condition.

There are a few things that you should always do to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and disease free.

1. Brush your teeth two to three times a day – generally the best habit is to brush immediately after a meal. However, brushing 2-3 times a day would suffice. Brushing usually helps to remove any remaining food particles from in-between teeth and also wash away any acidic remnants from the food you consumed.

2. Flossing is a must – flossing is once again a very important daily activity which you should never ignore. Flossing, like brushing would ensure that there are no shreds of food remaining in between the teeth, which would later decompose and create mouth odor.

3. Avoid sugary foods – as a general rule refined sugar is not recommended for good health. Generally speaking this creates acidity and gastric problems. When sugary matter remains on the teeth it weakens the enamel and causes cavities.

It is very important that you pay attention to the health of your teeth and mouth in general for neglecting this aspect may impact negatively the rest of your body.

About the Author: Penny Lane visited a

Seattle sleep apnea

specialist for remedy to help her sleep more soundly. She visited a

Seattle Invisalign

dentist to look into the braces for her children.


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Dentist December 29th 2021

Why You Need To Visit Dentists In Manassas

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byAlma Abell

It is very important to understand that regular visits to dentists in Manassas necessary for much more than simply having your teeth cleaned. The majority of people do not realize that dental checkups are important for your oral health, as well as the early detection and prevention of more serious health issues, such as oral cancer and gum disease. During your checkups your dentist will examine your teeth and take x-rays in order to determine whether or not there are any signs of infection or decay. These teeth cleanings also help to maintain and then improve all of your oral health.


Preventative Care

When you visit dentists in Manassas they will focus on preventative are, to ensure that your smile and teeth remain healthy for years to come. While it is important that you use home maintenance tips, such as flossing and brushing daily, having your teeth professionally cleaned is just as important as it helps to rid your mouth of plaque and tartar build up. It is highly recommended that you have a dental checkup twice yearly.

When you are deciding if you need to schedule your regular dental visit, you should consider that it is much easier for your dentist to prevent major issues than repair them. If you have poor oral hygiene for a long period of time, it can lead to a number of serious problems such as infections, bond loss and even gum disease. When you visit your dentist regularly, it will help prevent these with early detection, prevention of tooth decay and teeth cleanings.

Your oral health is an extension of your overall health. In fact, it has been proven that when people have an unhealthy mouth, they also have a number of other health issues. Additionally, poor oral hygiene can lead to low birth weights in babies and even premature labor. The fact is that all of these potential issues could be prevented with regular and professional dental care from your general or family dentist.

There is no reason to put your health at risk when you can easily rectify any problems that you have with a biannual visit to your dentist.

Dentist September 25th 2021

Important Adages Appropriate To Your Dental Health

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Important Adages Appropriate to Your Dental Health



Adages and maxims from textbooks, websites, car labels, and bookmarks and refrigerator magnets are to be found in Salem. People have a saying that motivates and reminds them on how to live their lives more effectively. Expressions can be applied in a variety of cases and situations. Below are some expressions that are applicable for your dental health, and probably what your dentist in Salem often tells you, as well.

Prevention is better than cure.

Indeed, prevention is a good way better than cure. There is no need to focus on a problem if the trouble didn\’t even occur initally. If you don\’t want dental caries to develop in your teeth, always make sure that you brush your teeth on a regular basis and when you finish eating sweets; better yet, avoid eating excessive sweets whenever you can. Dentists in Salem practice preventive care, guiding their clients in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Your destiny is in your hands.


This maxim not only pertains to career or romantic relationships, but to your dental health, as well. Besides inherited conditions and unavoidable dental diseases that result from other health problems, you are ordinarily accountable for the problem of your teeth. Your dental destiny is in your hands, as well as your dentist\’s.

Tell me who your friends are and I\’ll tell you who you are.

In this case, the adage can be rewritten as: \”tell me who your dentist is and I\’ll tell you who you are.\” Placing your confidence in a credible dentist assures remarkable outcomes for your teeth. Simply seek the help of respectable

dentists in Salem

for your dental needs; doing otherwise may cause even greater complications instead of giving solutions.

Happiness is a choice.

Lots of individuals believe that happiness is an end in itself, but in fact, it is all about making a choice to be happy. If you are tired of having missing teeth and are saddened by it, then by all means, have

dental implants Salem

dentists offer. Happiness is easy; all you need to do is take a jump and do what you must do.

Beauty starts with a smile.

You are beautiful in your own right, especially when you always have a smile on your face. Enhance your smile more with

teeth whitening Salem

dentists perform. Show those pearly whites and show your beauty with an awesome smile.

If you have questions, please visit us at for complete details and answers.

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Do Alcoholics Have Any Choice About Drinking?

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By Mike Highstead

Its very simple. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your choices. When you make choices that are good for you, you feel good about yourself, do good things for yourself, and have many good experiences. When you make choices that are bad for you, you feel bad about yourself, do bad things to yourself, and have many bad experiences. One road leads to pleasure, the other, pain

Have you ever wondered why people do things that are clearly harmful to their health? Perhaps its because they really dont feel they have a choice.

This is why the alcoholic reaches for booze, the junkie for drugs, the sex-addict for porn. Its because deep in their hearts they have a subconscious need that must be satisfied, and the bottom line is, they havent learned to meet that need in a way that truly serves them. Since they cant see any other way, they havent got a choice.

The dictionary defines the word habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary. An addiction meanwhile, can be defined as a habit you cant break without feeling some adverse effects. At that point it becomes a matter of accurately assessing those effects, and then making your decision accordingly. In either case, there is one thing you must know before dealing with an alcohol addiction

There is always a choice.

The Biggest Choice of All: Personal Responsibility.

The good news is, you already have everything you need to get where you want to go. You have a mind that thinks, a body that feels, and a soul that knows the way. The challenge is getting them all to agree, especially when your mind keeps trying to control the show. But who is really in charge of your life? Is it you, or is it your mind? Are you the master of your thoughts and behavior? Or are you a slave to your own mental impulses?


Consider your actions in life. Everything you do can be attributed to one of two things: Your need to avoid pain, or your desire to gain pleasure. Test this out for yourself. Think of anything you might do today, and see if it cant be reduced to one of these primary motivations. Heres a few examples:

Read a book? Gain pleasure.

Pay a bill? Avoid pain.

Go for a walk? Gain pleasure.

Lie to your boss? Avoid pain.

Sleep in? Watch a movie? Answer the phone? Maybe a little of both.

The point is, all your actions, even the actions you really dont like, originate from either a positive or negative impulse. And every impulse is nothing more than a suggestion that your mind has served up for you to do with as you will. The problem is, being unaware of the essential relationship between yourself and your mind, you react to every thought as if it were a command.

Consider your thoughts for a moment. You have both negative and positive thoughts to choose from. You have negative thoughts to protect you from danger, and you have positive thoughts to bring you delight. The best way to think of this is having a negative mind that wants to avoid pain, and a positive mind that wants to experience pleasure.

But then you have a conflict. To your negative mind, all the potential pleasures in life involve some kind of risk, so it doesnt want you to go there. And to your positive way of thinking, you cant fully experience the pleasures in life while you keep holding yourself back, so you disregard the danger.

Imagine an overweight woman standing in front of her refrigerator. On the outside she appears quite calm. But inside, theres a battle raging over whether or not shes going to reach in there and grab that slice of chocolate cake. Her positive mind is saying MMMMM! YES! That cake is gonna taste YUMMY! While her negative mind keeps saying NO! Dont do it! Youre already big as a whale!

Can you think of a similar example for yourself? A time when you were torn between two possible courses of action? In that situation, what was the pleasurable experience you wanted, and what was the pain or danger you perceived?

Personal response ability means the ability to respond. It is the ability to see various points of view, decide what serves your purpose, and take effective action. It means having the confidence and maturity to figure things out for your self. This way, you can actually move forward instead of feeling stuck or trapped.

The Challenge is

If you only have two options pain or pleasure then its not really a choice. Its a dilemma. So thats when you have to be clear. Sometimes it is good to think in negative terms, carefully considering the potential threats. Sometimes it is good to think in positive terms, focusing on the potential opportunities. And your third option is to simply stop and be neutral for a moment. To look at both sides equally and objectively before deciding what serves you best.

The reason you struggle is because you have not yet learned how to effectively direct your mind. You are bouncing back and forth between extremes, with no stability in between. Because you have no neutral way to assess your situation, you cant see all your options. Because you cant see any options, you remain a victim of your fears and desires.

But there is a path with your name on it. One that takes into consideration both the positive and negative points of view, and enables you to make decisions according to your vision, values and objectives. To find that path, there is one decision that must be made before any other decision will matter:

Is your mind going to serve you? Or are you going to serve your mind?

Either you are going to find a way to master your thoughts, or you will always be a victim of your own mental impulses. Either you are going to learn how to control your thoughts, or your thoughts will always be in control of you. There is no way to succeed without addressing this simple truth.

About the Author: Mike Highstead is an expert on Alcohol Rehab & Treatment. With a private practice quietly serving many well-known people around the world, his professional success is founded on the personal success of overcoming his own addictions and helping others do the same. Get his free videos for alcoholism and binge drinking at


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Preparing For A Visit To The Emergency Dentist In Manahawkin

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byAlma Abell

Anxiousness is typical before making an appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Manahawkin. But an emergency can not wait long (or even a day). Emergency situations are also unpredictable. Some people believe they are immune to a dental emergency. This is common until they chew into something hard and crack a tooth. Perhaps their filling that was put in when they were 14 has popped out and has instilled some intense throbbing pain. Even worse, an unpredicted punch to the face causes a pair of teeth to pop right out. This is a further cause for a quick call to the Emergency Dentist in Manahawkin.


There is always reason to be anxious before a dental visit, especially after an emergency. Fortunately, this is not the 1800’s. Vast quality jumps in technology has allowed dental surgery to be quite painless. Anesthesia alone relives so much of the physical pain a patient can expect to undergo.

Furthermore, the staff helps people find comfort, beauty, and painlessness in their smiles and with their teeth. An established track record from Manahawkin Family Dentalis enough to alleviate many worries. This is because they have provided impeccable quality service for years to the small community. And small suburban families know better than anyone that word gets around fast. If the firm was offering inferior service, everyone would know.

The office also accepts most insurance types. These include union programs, general insurance, and reduced fee programs. The firm further allows for financing options. A variety of discounts and coupons can be found to save a few dollars on a visit. This is especially apparent for a Teeth Whitening Dentist session. Many suggest that teeth’s whitening at the dentist is the only way to go. Those cheap mall vendor alternatives are shoddy and inferior compared to the advanced bleaching techniques harnessed by the best Emergency Dentist in Manahawkin. Teeth whitening is an issue bothering millions, and the quick fix can build self-confidence and establish better dental care.

A visit to the dentist in Manahawkin takes just a single phone call and some slow breathing. it has to be done sometime, and it can be quite a relieving experience.

Dentist March 8th 2019