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Submitted by: Davids Warner

Question: 1

You have configured the host computers on a campus LAN to receive their DHCP addresses form the local router to be able to browse their corporate site. Which statement about the network environment is true?

A. It supports a DNS server for use by DHCP clients.

B. Two host computers may be assigned the same IP address.

C. The DNS server must be configured manually on each host.

D. The domain name must be configured locally on each host computer.

Answer: C

Question: 2

Which Ethernet interface command is present when you boot a new Cisco router for the first time?

A. speed 100

B. shutdown

C. ip address

D. duplex half

Answer: B

Question: 3

After you configure a default route to the Internet on a router, the route is missing from the routing table. Which option describes a possible reason for the problem?

A. The next-hop address is unreachable.

B. The default route was configured on a passive interface.

C. Dynamic routing is disabled.

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the interface used to reach the next hop.

Answer: B

Question: 4

Which table displays the MAC addresses that are learned on a switch?





Answer: B

Question: 5

In which two ways does TCP differ from UDP? (Choose two.)

A. TCP segments are essentially datagrams.

B. TCP uses broadcast delivery.

C. TCP provides sequence numbering of packets.

D. TCP provides synchronized communication.

E. TCP provides best effort delivery.

Answer: CD


Reference: http://www.diffen.com/difference/TCP_vs_UDP

Question: 6

Refer to the exhibit.

A network has been planned as shown,Which three statements accurately describe the areas and devices in the network plan? (Choose three.)

A. Network Device A is a switch.

B. Network Device B is a switch.

C. Network Device A is a hub.

D. Network Device B is a hub.

E. Area 1 contains a Layer 2 device.

F. Area 2 contains a Layer 2 device.

Answer: ADE

Question: 7

Which set of conditions comprises a successful ping attempt between two connected routers configured with IP addresses on the same subnet?

A. The destination host receives an echo reply from the source host within one second and the source host receives an echo request from the destination host.

B. The destination host receives an echo request from the source host within one second.

C. The destination host receives an echo reply from the source host within one second and the source host receives an echo reply from the destination host within two seconds.

D. The destination host receives an echo request from the source host and the source host receives an echo request from the destination host within one second.

E. The destination host receives an echo request from the source host and the source host receives an echo reply from the destination host within two seconds.

Answer: C

Question: 8

Which NTP concept indicates the distance between a device and the reliable time source?

A. clock offset

B. stratum

C. reference

D. dispersion

Answer: B

Question: 9

Which statement is a Cisco best practice for switch port security?

A. Vacant switch ports must be shut down.

B. Empty ports must be enabled in VLAN 1.

C. VLAN 1 must be configured as the native VLAN.

D. Err-disabled ports must be configured to automatically re-enable.

Answer: A

Question: 10

Which statement describes the effect of the overload keyword in the ip nat inside source list 90 interface ethernet 0/0 overload command?

A. Addresses that match address list inside are translated to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface.

B. Hosts that match access inside are translated to an address m the Ethernet 0/0 network.

C. Hosts on the Ethernet 0/0 LAN are translated to the address pool in access list 90.

D. Addresses that match access list 90 are translated through PAT to the IP address of the Ethernet 0/0 interface

Answer: D


The command ip nat inside source list 90 interface ethernet0/0 overload means:

+ ip nat: use NAT

+ inside: NAT from inside to outside

+ source list 90: the source addresses can be found in access list 90

+ Interface Ethernet 1: NAT out of this interface

+ overload: use NAT overload (PAT)

Question: 11

Which technique can you use to route IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 infrastructure?


B. 6to4 tunneling

C. L2TPv3

D. dual-stack

Answer: B

Question: 12

Which NAT command can be applied to an interface?

A. ip nat inside

B. ip nat inside test access-list-number pool pool-name

C.ip nat inside source static

D. ip nat pool test

Answer: D

Question: 13

Which subnet address is for the IP address






Answer: E



4 mask 16 subnets

4 unmask 16 hosts for block size to to

14 more times for the full range of subnets

Question: 14

Which protocol verifies connectivity between two switches that are configured with IP addresses in the same network?





Answer: A

Question: 15

Which command displays the number of times that an individual router translated an inside address to an outside address?

A. show ip protocol 0

B. show ip nat translation

C. show counters

D. show ip route

E. show ip nat statistics

Answer: E

Question: 16

On which OSI layer doesa VLAN operate?

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 4

Answer: B

Question: 17

Which statement describes the effect of the copy run start command on a router in enable mode?

A. The running configuration of the router is saved to NVRAM and used during the boot process.

B. The router reboots and loads the last saved running configuration.

C. A copy of the running configuration of the router is sent by FTP to a designated server.

D. A new running configuration is loaded from flash memory to the router.

Answer: A

Question: 18

Refer to the exhibit. All devices attached to the network are shown. Which number of collision domains are present in this network?

A. 9

B. 3

C. 6

D. 2

E. 15

Answer: E

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Setting Up A New Site: What Basic Office Supplies In Madison, Wi Are Needed Right Now?

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Opening an office after running a new business out of a back bedroom is a heady experience. Along with thinking about details like computer equipment and furnishings, it pays to think about what type of basic Office Supplies in Madison WI will be needed immediately. While some things can wait until everyone is settled in, others must be in place for the office to function. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Copy Paper

Even with the use of file sharing, email, and other electronic means of communication, there is still the need to print some things out for meetings or to prepare paper copies of invoices. Always make sure copy paper is on that list of basic Office Supplies in Madison WI and ensure there is plenty before the office officially opens. Doing so ensures the employees can get right to work without having to wait for the paper to be delivered.

Printer Cartridges

Cartridges for every printer in the office must be in place. Fresh cartridges should be in those printers, and the supply closet should sport at least one compatible cartridge for each of those devices. If the office functioned with the use of one central printer, it wouldn’t hurt to hold two in reserve.

Note Pads

The ability to quickly write out a note that can be passed down the conference room table during an audio conference or to take a message from a caller who despises voice mail is always helpful. That means having something to write on when those occasions arise. Good, old-fashioned note pads do the job.

Pens and Pencils

Jotting down notes during a phone conversation is still one of the more common tasks associated with office work. Jotting is a lot easier if there is a pen or pencil handy to go with those note pads. Pay close attention to the quality and spend a little more up front. The last thing anyone needs is a pen that won’t write or a pencil lead that breaks every time someone tries to use it.

The expense of opening a new office is significant. Learn more about us and how to prioritize the selection of supplies. Once the office is up and running, there will be time to think about purchasing other supplies that are needed less frequently.

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7750 X Passing Guarantee Exam}

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Submitted by: Dennisng Ng

Question: 1

With respect to IP Office Contact Center Release 9.1.6 and above, which three parameters are not contained in the import excel spreadsheet and must be configured in the User Interface after the import? (Choose three.)

A. Profiles

B. Hold duration time for last agent functionality

C. System holidays

D. Topic block times

E. Custom specific announcements

Answer: B, C, E

Question: 2

You have completed the Avaya_IP_Office_Contact_Center_Configuration.xlsm workbook and are ready to launch the DataImport.exe file.

Which two passwords are required to execute the DataImport.exe successfully? (Choose two.)

A. WebLM administrator password

B. IP Office Security User password

C. IP Office Service User password

D. IPOCC Administrator password

E. IP Office System password

Answer: D, E

Question: 3

You have successfully deployed an IPOCC server in the customer’s virtual environment and have configured the virtual machine to meet the OVA specifications in the Avaya IP Office Contact Center Reference Configuration document.

Which two tasks do you need to complete before importing the customer intonation into IPOCC? (Choose two.)

A. Change the IP Office Service User password

B. Upgrade the VMWare Tools on the IPOCC Server to the latest release

C. Configure the Network Settings on the IPOCC Serve

D. Change the IPOCC Server Hostname

E. Install the vSphere Client on the IPOCC Serve

Answer: B, C

Question: 4

View the Exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a screen shot of a tag that has been created in the tag list.

What is the intended purpose of this tag?

A. to reject any caller from Germany

B. to pass the call to a German language auto attendant

C. to identify calls with a German telephone numbe

D. to pass the call too an agent with German speaking skills

Answer: A

Question: 5

You have entered your licenses successfully, and now you want to check you have the correct amount of supervisor licenses for the customer.

Which screen in WebLM will show you this information?

A. CIE View License Capacity

B. CIE View Peak Usage

C. License Install

D. Licensed Product

Answer: C


Referencehttps://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100057555(page 12)

Avaya Aura Practice Exam Software

Information Technology has drastically transformed the corporate world in past the few years. Probably, this has been possible due to the dynamic nature of IT, an incessantly influencing Avaya Aura field featuring surpassing requisites for the overall growth of all industries in operation. Therefore, it is not surprising that top companies such as Avaya are looking for expert remarks on the Curriculum Vitae of their prospects that can ensure them to be more efficient and productive in their challenging projects. One such remark that these companies wish to see is the Avaya Aura Avaya certification. There is no doubt that Avaya Avaya Aura certification is highly in demand in the Avaya industry. In fact, the Avaya Aura certification training has become an international standard for several top Avaya companies.

Introduction to the Avaya Avaya Aura Certification

Avaya Avaya Aura is the entry-level certification for networking, which indicates that the achiever as an engineer can organize small to mid-size networks for Avaya Aura Avaya. The standard helps in identifying a talent that can well implement the E-Series wired solutions, exhibit introductory knowledge of wireless technologies, and explain A-Series solutions for the data center as well as large scale networks. By earning this Avaya Aura Avaya certificate, the potential Avaya Aura Avaya professional obtains a foundation for acquiring advanced Avaya Aura Avaya certifications for network and security solutions via Avaya technologies. This globally recognized Avaya Avaya Aura certification training by Practice Exam Software is bound to give a big leap to your Avaya career as well as remuneration.

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Jumpstart Your Search Engine Optimization With These 3 Tactics

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If you are engaging in search engine optimization, whether internally or with an agency or contractor, look at the following 3 areas to figure out if they’re a concern. If so, they represent an excellent place to jumpstart your website marketing efforts.

Improve Navigation

According to our Web Design in Morgan Hill experts, all changes made to your website navigation often will be complicated but critical for jumpstarting your efforts at marketing. For most websites, the navigation concentrates too much on the website itself and not enough on assisting visitors in finding what they need.

A good example of this is as you see websites with a handful of service or product categories concealed underneath a navigation link reading “services” or “products.”

One simple method of improving your site’s navigation includes moving each of your service/product categories to your main navigation.

Increase Site Speed

According to our Web Design experts in Morgan Hill, website speed is a vital factor for algorithms. Your initial goal includes simply ensuring there isn’t any uncomfortable wait on your pages to load. So long as the delay from clicking a page to it loading is bothersome, it must be fixed.

If it’s possible to get every page to load within a couple of seconds, you may be fine for a little while and concentrate on something else. However, for any more than that, it calls for a fix.

Mobilize Your Website

Oftentimes, mobile devices include the starting point that searchers are utilizing to engage with a site. Whether they’re researching, searching, or buying something, use of mobile has been gradually overtaking desktop use, making it a more important element of marketing — so much so that making the website mobile-friendly must be your first thought instead of an afterthought.

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Get After Midnight Lyrics Online}

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Submitted by: Greg Kesin.

Music plays a crucial role in our life. Some of us cannot live without it. But the problem with today?s generation is that they do not understand the quality of music properly.

Music plays a crucial role in our life. Some of us cannot live without it. But the problem with today?s generation is that they do not understand the quality of music properly. Music has the capacity to make someone cry, laugh, smile, happy or sad with just a subtle variation in the tune. Sometimes, it might become difficult to understand the lyrics of your favorite song. In such a situation, finding the lyrics is easy and hassle free. Thanks to the internet. The advancement of technology has brought in a lot of changes especially when it comes to getting the right song lyrics. You can easily find Adele lyrics, After Midnight lyrics, Pain lyrics, Secrets lyrics, Linking Park lyrics and many more.

Simply visit a good site that provides pure lyrics of songs and you will be singing along in no time without any money being spent. Now with the help of search engine sites, you can easily find the lyrics of any genre. For instance, if you are looking for After Midnight song lyrics, simply type After Midnight lyrics in the search engine box. Within the twinkle of an eye, there will be a list of various lyrics sites. The Midnight Project, commonly a

eviated “AMP”, is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, currently signed to Universal Motown.

The After Midnight Project began in 2004 at Los Angeles. It is known for energetic live shows, extensive touring and close connection to fans. They are also featured in the end credits with their song “Take Me Home” for the game Prey. With the release of their EP, The Becoming, they caught the attention of Universal Motown and were signed. They entered the studio with renowned producer, John Feldmann. After being signed to record the debut full-length album, Let’s Build Something to Break, it was released on August 11, 2009. The album’s first single, “Take Me Home” entered the airwaves in June 2009. AMP performed on the Vans Warped Tour in preparation for the release of that album. In 2009, the band did multiple interviews and autograph signings for Music Saves Lives. In March 2011, the band embarked on a brief tour with Hawthorne Heights ahead of their new EP release. Their recent After Midnight has captured many fans. The After Midnight lyrics is in great demand.

The current members of the After Midnight project are Jason Evigan ? vocals, Spencer Bastian ? guitar, Christian Meadows ? guitar and Ryan Folden ? drums. This American band is quite popular among most of the teenagers. If you are finding it difficult to understand the lyrics of the band, then you should consider online lyrics sites. The lyrics on the sites are alphabetically arranged so that finding After Midnight lyrics is easy. Take a tour in the web world to find the lyrics of your favorite songs. Apart from these, most of the site also provides download options of songs for the listeners. So what are you waiting for? Search for the authentic lyrics site and listen to your favorite band songs along with its lyrics.

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