Is It Time To Switch Divorce Lawyers?

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Going through a divorce is challenging. Things are worsened if you ve lost confidence in your lawyer, believing he or she just isn t the right legal representation for you.

But changing divorce lawyers in FL in the middle of your case is a big decision to make. You need to be absolutely certain that it really is necessary to switch lawyers; otherwise, you could really complicate your case.

How can you tell whether or not you have the right attorney?

Does your attorney actually listen to you? Yes, you hire a divorce lawyer because of their experience and knowledge, but that doesn t mean that they should be running the show solo. The best attorneys listen to their clients, answer your questions, and work hard to ensure your needs are being met. If your attorney isn t a good listener, it might be time to find new legal representation.


Of course, communication is a two-way street. Does your lawyer keep an open line of communication with you? Does he update you on a regular basis regarding the status of your case? It s important that you have a divorce lawyer who stays in touch with you. Your lawyer should return phone calls and respond to emails in a reasonable amount of time. He should let you know any time important progress is made in your case. If your lawyer isn t communicating with you, it might be a good idea to consider other divorce lawyers in FL.

Having said that, there is a fine line between a lawyer making sure your needs are being met and a lawyer holding your hand because you re being too demanding. Yes, it s reasonable to expect your attorney to communicate with you on a regular basis, but it s not reasonable for you to expect your attorney to spend his entire day on the phone with you.

Does your lawyer routinely forget details about your case? Occasionally overlooking a little detail here and there isn t a big deal. Lawyers are human, and you re not the only client they have to deal with. But if your lawyer regularly makes mistakes regarding your case, you need to start considering your other options for legal representation.

At the end of the day, only you can know for sure if it s time to consider another a divorce lawyer. If you do decide to end things with your current lawyer, there are some things you need to do.

First, you need to ask your new lawyer how he or she will get your case file from your old lawyer.

You also need to make sure you re settled up financially with your old lawyer. If you paid a retainer, it s possible that your lawyer actually owes you money. Make sure to get this taken care of.

Finally, make sure your new lawyer knows about all important upcoming dates regarding your case. You don t want to miss a court date because this information slipped through the cracks when you decided to switch lawyers.

It s your right to switch lawyers and get the legal representation you deserve. Just make sure you don t rush into this decision for the wrong reasons.

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Domestic Violence And Child Custody Legal Psychiatric Ploys Of Divorce Lawyers

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Domestic Violence and Child Custody – Legal Psychiatric Ploys of Divorce Lawyers


Dr Jeanne King PhD

When divorce and domestic violence are before the court, the children can often serve as the vehicle for the perpetrator to save face and maintain control over the family. Sound familiar?

If you are in family court with an abusive partner, or abusive ex-partner, and there are children involved, you will want to know what this article reveals. Here is how your children can be leveraged to carry out a perpetrator’s agenda in family court.

Laying the Foundation to Maintain Control over the Family

Let’s say the perpetrator establishes that he wants to ask the court for sole custody of your minor children whom he has also abused, either directly or indirectly. In many cases this so-called asking may happen even if the perpetrator is not a candidate for custody.


Now once the pleading is before the court, and typically for a long time (could be years), the chase is on—even though a so-called custody battle is technically not underway.

What is underway is a mission to create a scenario to establish that the perpetrator (whether or not a candidate for custody by law) is indeed an eligible person for custody because:

a) this parent is the only parent left b) the other parent is crazy or is a felon c) this parent is a victim of parental alienation syndrome …or, any combination of the above.

Most typically, we see counsel seeking to establish items b & c in combination, as this makes for a more substantial case. And further, this strategy is often a best first measure to carry out a perpetrator’s mission of eliminating the protective parent from their children’s lives.

Crazing Making Legal Psychiatric Ploys

Now if after psychiatric evaluations, there is no evidence that the mother (the gender most often in this position) is “crazy” because the evaluating psychiatrist cannot—or will not—find any psychiatric pathology, then the rush is on to find—or create—”the craziness” in the children.

The strategy here is that if we can’t show that the mother is crazy, we’ll establish that the children are either crazy or going crazy under her care. This is how children become casualties in an abuser’s use of the court to control and batter their victims.

Now making a child crazy can take days, months or years. And if there are two or more children involved, making more than one child psychologically unstable makes for even a stronger case, even if you are the recognized psychological parent of your children.

If you have witnessed this legal psychiatric ploy in your divorce proceeding or a glimpse of it coming, learn to block it and protect your children and yourself before the ploy spirals out of control.

For information on how to block legal psychiatric ploys used to yank children from protective parents, visit

. Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D., psychologist, author and speaker, helps individuals recognize and end family abuse at home and in court.

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Lawyers April 25th 2023