Poor Dental Health May Point To Other Health Problems

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By Penny Lane

Have you had your dentist ask you questions like, ‘Are you snoring or sleeping bad?’ or ‘Do you suffer from halitosis no matter what you eat or do?’ or ‘Do you suffer from acidity?’ Would be surprised if your dentist points you to a sleep apnea clinic rather than an invisalign? Do not because very often poor dental health is actually a pointer to other medical conditions that you might be suffering and not knowing about.

Mouth odor which is so terrible and everyone hates, could be the result of poor digestion, bad eating habits, gastroenteritis, and many other similar problems. High acidity also causes yellowing of teeth, plaque and even cavities. Snoring is another example where oral health points to underlying health problems – in this case it is respiratory disorders.

Recent studies show that even heart diseases could be detected through the analysis of the condition of your oral health. Tooth infections and abscesses can influence the immune system to such an extent that the heart would be affected as well. When there are acute and continuous recurring infections of the jaw bone in particular, it is often a pointer that the heart is under threat as well.

This is why it is important to visit your dentist at least every six months so you would not only ensure the health of your teeth but also your health overall. The dentist would be able to tell you whether what you are suffering from is owed to poor dental hygiene, poor eating habits or other ailments in the body that reflect in the oral health problems.


It is very important therefore that you maintain good oral health and take the trouble to immediately remedy any problem you find with your teeth or gums. Most people still suffer from dentist phobia and would do anything to postpone a visit. If you are among this bracket of people, please note that you are doing yourself a great disservice. You might be hiding some very serious medical condition.

There are a few things that you should always do to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and disease free.

1. Brush your teeth two to three times a day – generally the best habit is to brush immediately after a meal. However, brushing 2-3 times a day would suffice. Brushing usually helps to remove any remaining food particles from in-between teeth and also wash away any acidic remnants from the food you consumed.

2. Flossing is a must – flossing is once again a very important daily activity which you should never ignore. Flossing, like brushing would ensure that there are no shreds of food remaining in between the teeth, which would later decompose and create mouth odor.

3. Avoid sugary foods – as a general rule refined sugar is not recommended for good health. Generally speaking this creates acidity and gastric problems. When sugary matter remains on the teeth it weakens the enamel and causes cavities.

It is very important that you pay attention to the health of your teeth and mouth in general for neglecting this aspect may impact negatively the rest of your body.

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