Take Extra Care Of Your Baby During Its Teething Stage

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Needless to say, the baby teething stage is one of the most painful stages of an infant s growth. It happens in the first year of the development of the infants. The first year in anyone s life is very significant for various reasons. This is the time when the babies get acquainted with the outside world. They learn to breathe, smell, hear, eat, communicate and walk in this period. One of the most vital parts of this first year is when the baby s teeth erupts or comes out of the gums. It generally begins between the 6 to 24 months of age.

As soon as the first teeth appear, your baby will suffer incontrollable pain. Some babies even suffer from fever. Discomfort and pain is the first sign that appears in the babies teething. The babies will always search for things to chew on and probably put anything they can hold in to their mouth to soothe their gums and teeth. The pain begins before the teeth starts appearing; certain early signs include irritability, discomfort, restlessness, swollen gums, disturbance in sleep patterns of the infants etc.


For some babies the teething process is less painful and irritating but for others, the teething process tends to be a lengthy and uncomfortable experience. During the teething stage beside the baby, mothers also go through the same experience as their babies. They may not feel the physical pain but the pain of their babies affects them the most. Now-a-days to soothe the gums of the babies during the teething stage, many teething toys in various shapes, size, design and color are available in the market. The teething toys are a special toy that soothe and provides a sense of relief to the gums of the babies as they are chewed on.

The teething process happens in three stages, in the first stage the front teeth appear. In these cases mothers should give babies teething toys that massages their gums. The teething toys should be sterilized as infants gladly chew upon the toys there is a great chance of infections lurking around. Babies are very susceptive to infections and can be easily attacked by the viruses. Therefore the teething toys should be able to endure being sterilized in boiling water.

In the second stage the middle teeth appears and in the third and final stage the back teeth appears. In both these situations mothers should give teething toys that provides both massaging and a cooling effect to the gums of the babies. The cooling sensation gives a sense of relief to the troubling gums of the babies teething.

While the baby is slowly growing, many things are needed for its proper and overall growth. The baby care items are the basic needs that the mother requires to take care of her newborn baby. As babies are a lot more susceptive to infections, utmost care must be taken by mothers or in that matter anyone while buying the baby care products. The baby skin is very sensitive; a slight change can affect the baby.

Just remember that a little caution on your part ensures a safe childhood for your baby.

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