The Pros And Cons Of An Eyebrow Transplant}

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Submitted by: Dr Tyng Tan

Getting your hair done is something that we commonly hear, but having an eyebrow transplant is something that we dont usually hear. But nowadays procedure has gained more attention leading more individuals, particularly women, to have it done. But as a smart consumer it is wise to get to know more about it to be able to weigh the pros and the cons. So here we present you exactly that to help you make an informed decision. You may have pretty eyes, but a nice eyebrow can define it more beautifully.

Eyebrow Transplant Pros

For those who want to have fuller and better shaped eyebrows, you can have the one you want just exactly.

This procedure uses your own hair as donors giving it a more natural look, especially since they are arranged according to the surrounding hairs.

A good set of eyebrows made possible by an eyebrow transplant will give your eyes better frame.

It gives that overplucked and misshapen eyebrows a new and rejuvenated look.

Those who have lost their eyebrows due to trauma (accidents or burns), old age, medical treatments or thyroid problems will benefit from this procedure.


Those who are genetically predisposed with thin eyebrows can gain a new set of fuller arches.

This is generally painless, however for those who have lower pain thresholds, an oral sedative can be administered prior to the procedure.

The procedure is safe with minimal complications.

Scarring will not be visible. There will be scabs on the days immediately after the procedure that they will just fall off painlessly in a matter of days.

This is a much better choice than getting an eyebrow tattoo because the latter looks less aesthetically appealing because it comes out too artificial. Getting an eyebrow tattoo can be very painful too.

They will remain permanent for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Eyebrow Transplant Cons

This can still require some incisions for an FUT approach which is about 1-5 cm long because a single brow may require 300-400 grafts. For an FUE, this will result to more than a hundred minute scars.

For those who like to wear their hair really short, the scars from your donor area may be easily visible.

Although it may only be a small area to fill, this procedure takes extra time to ensure that each hair is placed in a natural position.

There may be shedding weeks after the procedure but this will only be temporary.

Your brows may require frequent trimming because the implants may grow out to its natural length.

It would take a really good surgeon to give you a natural-looking result.

There may be instances where some hair goes out of the grain, but you can remedy this by simply plucking them out.

The cost may leave some apprehensive, as compared to other choices (eyebrow tattoo or brow pencils).

Redness and scabbing may be evident days after eyebrow transplant surgery. But this will be relieved after a week. Just make sure that you dont scratch the scabs to prevent dislodging the grafts or introducing infection.

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