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Submitted by: Jim Barnaby

The country across the channel seems to have been enjoying a rather healthy time of it in the property industry of late. Still second only to Spain in the popularity stakes for UK buyers, the country has seen a strong performance in the past year, with the French National Association of Estate Agents (FNAIM) recording a 3.1 per cent overall level of growth, topped by the performance of the port of Le Havre at 13.1 per cent.

The popularity of France remains high too, with Retire to the Sun reporting that online portal Global Edge’s research had found areas such as the Dordogne, Languedoc-Rousillon, Charente and Alpine regions were notable hotspots for UK investors.

However, the story is not all rosy; FNAIM’s figures for March show that the first quarter of 2008 has seen a 1.9 per cent dip in prices, chiefly caused by a 1.6 per cent drop in March. The body has said this does not mean a slump is likely, but investors will nonetheless be keen to ensure they are looking at the locations and the property types that are doing best.


Just as there are regional variations, with the success of Le Havre contrasting with flat prices in the south-west according to FNAIM, so there are also variations between different types of property. Discussing this, the founder and managing director of VEF Trisha Mason said: “Capital growth of the finite supply of old stone properties continues and we anticipate seeing ten to 15 per cent growth in prices of older property during 2008. We also anticipate that prices of newer properties and apartments generally will remain stable.”

So while some areas of the market will continue their upward trend, others will at least stay put. Ms Mason squared this with the recent price falls by explaining that this reflects a common seasonal factor in which the market is slower in the early part of the year and then picks up. As for the different types of property, the growth area of old stone buildings is where the overseas buyers are coming in, whereas new builds and apartments are the staple of the domestic market.

That said, place matters, Ms Mason concluded, saying: “However, the location is also important in considering capital growth and there are certainly some areas which will show up to a ten per cent increase in most types of properties again this year.”

One such place which is being tipped to perform well is Nice property France, which the Daily Telegraph noted has just been through three years of major disruption caused by the building of a new tram network. VEF’s expert in the city, Boz Gill, told the paper this meant Nice was “cut in half” for some time. But the payback has now been that the northern suburbs of the city further inland have now been opened up, offering greater access to property there than was once the case but at low prices.

Mr Gill said the city was “still the cheapest place to live on the French Riviera Property”, which suggests that buyers there may find many good bargains for now. With the improved access between the inland areas and the beaches, such investments may be good for buy-to-let for tourists.

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